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Some gasses such as O2 have paramagnetic characteristics due to non-paired electrons. This feature can be used by letting the gas pass through a magnetic field in a gas analyser. When O2 passes through the gas analyser, the magnetic field is activated, and this energisation will be in direct ratio to the O2-concentration of the gas that is led through the analyser.

Normally 2 types of paramagnetic measuring cells are used. One type, dump-bell, consists of N2-filled bulbs mounted onto a thin wire in a magnetic field (the measuring cell). The bulbs are bent off more or less from centre of the measuring cell dependent of the O2-concentration. The bend is proportional to the O2-concentration.

The other type, thermo magnetic, consists of a heated wire placed in a magnetic field (the measuring cell). When O2 is led through the measuring cell, it is dragged towards the magnetic field which gives a cooling of the heated wire and thus a change in resistance. The change of resistance in the heated wire is proportional with the O2-concentration.
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