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Chemiluminescense (CLD)

The chemiluminescence, CLD, measuring principle is used for analysis of NOX. The principle is that a gas flow is led through a reaction chamber in which NO reacts with O3 (ozone). The NO2 produced from this process reaches an excited condition, and the molecules are sending out red light. In the reaction chamber a photo detector is placed to measure the amount of red light. To be able to measure NOX as the total sum of NO and NO2, a NO2 to NO converter is installed into the CLD analyser so that NO2 is converted into NO before it is led into the reaction chamber to react with O2. The delivery of the converter is for some CLD analysers optional.

Some CLD analysers have an integrated ozone generator; others need an external ozone generator. The CLD measuring principle is often used for analysis of NOX by accredited measurements as well as within research and development. The CLD measuring principle is often much more expensive than the IR and UV measurement of NOX.
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