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Probe systems

FLSmidth Gas Analysis Probes of high-quality materials are designed for optimum performance in the cement and minerals industries

Probe systems
KilnLoqTM: FLSmidth’s patented process gas analysis system used for the most demanding process conditions. Because of the patented One Pipe design, the probe can handle extreme scaling. Typical usage is in kiln inlets, calciner exits, hot bypasses, dryers and scarf kilns.
SDOP/DDOP: The probe is capable of single or dual configuration in order to match specified safety level and requirements for true continuous safety gas analysis. Typical usage in preheater exit or wet process kiln smoke chamber.
FastLoqTM: Ultra-fast extractive probe, sample and analysis system based on diode laser technology. Response time less than 5 sec. Typical usage in preheater exit, minerals dryer kiln inlet.
SP2000: Standard probe configured according to application. Typically used for emission measurements.
SDSP/SDFP: Specially designed for use in coal mill applications, e.g., filter and silo/bin measurements.

FLSmidth Gas Analysis Probes
  • High-quality materials result in long expected lifetime
  • Layout based on a simple, strong and reliable design for easy maintenance and high run factor
  • Designed for optimum performance in the cement and minerals industries
  • Full range of probes for all applications
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