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Environmental reporting

ReportLoq Environmental reporting: – whenever and wherever you want. The system that sets new standards for data collection and emissions reporting

ReportLoq: Environmental reporting

FLSmidth’s web-based environmental reporting system for pyro processing plants including waste incineration plants, large combustion plants and cement factories sets a new standard for data collection and emissions reporting. The ReportLoq has not only passed the MCERTS certification, but has also been the fastest and the most trouble-free certification since the MCERTS standard was introduced in 2007. FLSmidth’s many years of experience and wealth of know-how in the area of emissions reporting forms the basis for the new system, which combines tried and tested technologies with new cloud technology.

ReportLoq allows employees with responsibility for the environment to extract up-to-date reports and monitor the system wherever and whenever they want. The application can be launched from any browser and any portable unit, thereby providing a whole new degree of flexibility. This makes for simple and easy access to emissions data from home, the office and the control room and via tablets or mobile units.

Data validation is a through-going, in-depth part of the ReportLoq system. Our ongoing development of ReportLoq incorporates advanced data validation methods, ensuring that the quality of every single data set is precise, guaranteeing that all data is correct and functional.
All data is securely stored on FLSmidth’s servers, which also ensure automatic backup. ReportLoq also removes the need for operation and maintenance of local server solutions, resulting in a flexible, more secure solution than traditional analysis systems provide.
With its user-friendly interface and wide range of reporting functions, ReportLoq also provides new possibilities for the proactive use of data. And multiple users can be set up in the system as needed.
ReportLoq is monitored 24/7 and the system is updated regularly in accordance with current standards.

To learn more about our capabilities in Environmental reporting – please download the brochure watch our video, try the demo at www.reportloq.com or contact a sales representative.
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