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Emission measurement

The new European Directive 2000/76/EC on the incineration of waste has set up aggravating demands for the European waste incineration plants. All emission parameters must be measured after the last flue gas cleaning. Furthermore, new demands on quality assurance of the AMS (Automatic Measurement Systems) have been introduced.

The emission gases to be measured are normally CO, SO2, NOX (NO + NO2), HCl, TOC and dust. Besides, some plants are also to measure HF and NH3 if it is used for the De-NOx process. H2O, O2, temperature and pressure must also be measured in order to be able to convert into normal state of dry flue gas by e.g. 11vol% O2. In connection with the reporting of green accounts, many plants have decided to install a flow monitor together with the emission measurement equipment.

A multi component analysis system is very applicable for the emission measurement so that all the gases can be measured in one analysis system. In this way, maintenance is made easy, and less space is required on the plant.
Among others, we supply the following solutions:
  • Measurement of CO, SO2, NOX, HCl, TOC and dust. Possibly HF, NH3 and flow
  • Measurement of O2, H2O, pressure and temperature
  • Multi component analysis system for measurement of all gases - ABB ACF-NT FTIR analysis system
These solutions satisfy the following requirements:
  • Transfer of data to the reporting system by analogue 4-20 mA, bus, Ethernet etc.
  • Demands for high availability rate on AMS – minimum maintenance and reliable equipment
  • Quality assurance according to CEN standards
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