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Control of Flue Gas Cleaning

Typical gases to be measured for control of the flue gas cleaning plant are NH3, NO, SO2 and H2O.

The measurements are typically made by extractive analysis systems such as GASloq 800 with an ABB Uras 14 monitor (for NO and SO2), or with an in-situ laser light gas analyzer such as NEO LaserGas Monitor for NO, NH3 and H2O.

Dust concentration, gas composition and optical path length are important features to evaluate when choosing a laser gas monitor for a power plant. In many coal fired plants, the dust conditions are so critical that it is necessary to use inlet pipes to be able to look across the exhaust gas duct for a reliable measurement. The evaluation of the different monitors is always made in close cooperation with the persons responsible on the power plants in question.
Among others, we supply the following solutions:
  • Measurement of NO and SO2 with a GASloq 800 analysis system with an ABB Uras 14 monitor
  • Measurement of NH3 with an in-situ monitor such as NEO LaserGas monitor
  • Measurement of H2O with an in-situ monitor such as NEO LaserGas monitor
  • Measurement of NH3 and H2O can be combined in one LaserGas instrument
These solutions satisfy the following requirements
  • Demands for reliable measurements – high dust concentrations
  • Demands for short response times for control purposes
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