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Burning control

Measurement of CO and O2 for Burning Control

Typical measurements for optimisation of the burning control in the boiler are measurement of O2 and CO.

For measurement of O2, zirconium-oxide probes are often used after the boiler. In some power plants, more oxygen probes are used in each kiln; partly to be able to compare several measurements, partly to be less vulnerable when a monitor is serviced and partly to be able to measure in several cross sections in the kiln to avoid possible stratifications.

Measurement of CO for optimisation of the burning control is not as widespread as the O2 measurement. For measurement of CO, an extractive analysis system with a rather long response time is used. However, the in-situ laser gas monitors have proven suitable for measurements in raw gases. Dust concentration, gas composition and optical path length are important features to evaluate when choosing a laser gas monitor for a power plant. In many coal fired plants, the dust conditions are so critical that it is necessary to use inlet pipes to be able to look across the exhaust gas duct for a reliable measurement.

The future "standard" in instrumentation for gas analysis is hard to foresee. We believe that measurement of CO by laser light is a future trend; a measurement principle with short response times functioning in high temperatures and high dust loads requiring a minimum of maintenance.
Among others, we supply the following solutions:
  • Measurement of O2 after the kiln
  • Measurement of O2 with a zirconium oxide probe such as Emerson Oxymitter 4000
  • Measurement of CO after the kiln
  • Measurement of CO with an extractive analysis system such as GASloq 600 with an ABB Uras 14 monitor
  • Measurement of CO with an in-situ measurement principle such as NEO LaserGas Monitor
These solutions satisfy the following requirements:
  • Demands for a reliable measurement – high temperatures and high dust loads
  • Demands for short response times due to optimization of the burning control
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