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FLSmidth determines the best analyser for the job and services all major analyser brands in own repair shops

The best analyser for the job
FLSmidth does not produce its own gas analyser units. We make the gas analysis solutions capable of efficient operation in the most difficult process conditions encountered – the cement and minerals industries. As an independent supplier, we select the best analyser for the job, e.g., ABB, Durag, NEO, Siemens and others. The best analyser will be defined based on various aspects depending on the specific customer, the application in question and the potential preferences of the end user.
Also, we are able to determine if the best analyser will be based on the extractive or the in situ method. As we are independent, you will not end up with the second-best analyser just because we don’t have the best model in our programme.

  • As an independent supplier, FLSmidth can determine the best analyser for the job
  • We service all major analyser brands in our repair shops
  • Our programme covers components such as O2, CO, NO, NOX, SO2, THC, TOC, H2O, HF, HCl, NH3 and Hg.
  • We are able to perform remote service and diagnostic by LiveConnect connection
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